Dr. Michael Schlitt addresses Burien about walking

January 5, 2014– Burien, WA

I had the pleasure of being keynote speaker today at Walk & Bike Burien’s “Walk With A Doc” Program. Walk & Bike Burien, or WABi,  advocates walking and biking for health and well-being. I was invited to speak about the benefits of a graduated walking program, which I established to help my patients with surgical recovery, allowing them to get back to work and on the path to wellness. (See blog entry at drmichaelschlitt.org for details about the walking program)

A crowd of 65 gathered at the Burien Community Center for today’s event. After my talk, I handed out free pedometers and water bottles, then the whole group took to the streets. Maureen Hoffman, President of  WABi, and I led the group on a two-mile walk from Dottie Harper Park to Chelsea Park and back. WABi notes that the average American walks 3,000-4,000 steps a day, or approximately 2 miles. The American Heart Association, among others, recommends that people to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.

Here are a few True/False questions presented to the audience — see how many you get right:

1. Walking reduces your risk of cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety and dementia, True or False?   (True! Walking has also been shown to lengthen lives.)

2.True or False, walking is the best way to lose weight?  (False. Walking is best for maintaining weight. Losing weight requires expending more calories than you take in.)

3. Walking only helps when you walk for 30-minutes at time, 3 or more times a week, True or False?   (False. Even 10-minutes a day is nearly as good as 30-minutes a day. )

4. If you walk for an hour at average speed (3.5 miles/hour) and you weigh 150 lbs, you will 100 calories — True or False? (False, you will burn more than twice that — between 250-275 calories. It all adds up!)

For more information, see drmichaelschlitt.com. Also, wabiburien.org

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